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Ice Promoter

I get home and there is mail from the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins. I open it, and it’s a letter from CEO Jeff Barrett giving me, the full share Season Ticket Holder (STH) all the details of the upcoming 2010-2011 season.

It appears we have a motto for the 2010-11 campaign: “Fans First” – Awesome.

I am going to go thru now and reveal to you all of the benefits of being a WBS Pens STH are. I am one, I have been one for three years, this is my fourth year. This is a first class organization. Top to bottom, front to back. You will not find a team who works harder to take care of their own than the WBS Pens, in my opinion.

For the STH who did not get the letter yet, or the prospective STH, this is what you can look forward to this season. What’s that? THE PROMOTIONS!!!! But, it get’s better. Please keep reading:

  • Like the third jerseys? You can get a Third Jersey Hoodie Sweatshirt. It’s Royal Blue with the Skating Penguin. How do you get this? Purchase ten additional tickets or ten undated ticket vouchers at your STH price, and you get it for FREE! You have until September 10.
  • You guys already know about the Season Ticket Holder Draft Lottery. You can be entered in to win a chance to get a voucher to purchase a ticket to the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh January 1 for Penguins / Capitals at Heinz Field. 40 game STH’s get 6 chances a seat, 22 game STH’s get 3 chances a seat, 12 games gets 2 chances and six pack and flex holders get a chance each. They give you vouchers when you pick up your tickets. You have to fill them out and return them to the Coal Street Pro Shop by October 8. If you win, you get a chance to purchase two tickets to the Winter Classic.
  • The Season Ticket Holder Pick Up Party. Come see the new digs at Coal Street on Saturday September 25. You can pick up your season tickets between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. AND watch the first team practice AND get FIVE MORE ENTRIES into the Winter Classic Draft. I am blown away by this! I am a 40 game STH with 2 seats. I get 12 chances. I pick up my tickets on Saturday and I increase my odds of my name being called during October home games from 12 to 17. WOW.
  • The December 30 game in Pittsburgh vs. the Bears. The letter offered no details other than us STH’s get special consideration. More information will be available shortly. Meaning: No one knows for sure yet. Or, the ones that do, can’t say anything because nothing is concrete. Stay tuned to the Pens’ website, Twitter or Facebook page when they announce it. Or, stick with me on my Twitter feed.
  • They also promise “surprises” along the way.

Alright. If the above hasn’t already sold you on becoming a Season Ticket Holder, the following will absolutely make you want to become one. Or, if you just don’t have the money right now, you can start saving for the date for the Promotion which interests you most. In order:

  • Saturday October 9 v. the Hershey Bears (the home opener): 2010-2011 Magnetic Schedule. (first 5,000 fans)
  • Saturday November 6 v. the Syracuse Crunch: Unigraphic Team Photo. (first 5,000)
  • Saturday November 27 v. the Rochester Americans: Jersey Card #1 (first 5,000)*
  • Saturday December 11 v. the Norfolk Admirals: Jersey Bags (first 1,500 kids 14 and under)*
  • Friday December 17 v. the Abbotsford Heat: Skull Beanie Cap (first 5,000)*
  • Saturday January 1 v. the Norfolk Admirals: PA Lottery Night (first 2,500 age 18 or older)
  • Saturday January 22 v. the Albany Devils: Jersey Card #2 (first 5,000)
  • Friday February 4 v. the Manitoba Moose: McCarthy / Bridgestone All-Star Poster (first 5,000)
  • Saturday February 12 v. the Adirondack Phantoms: Jersey Card #3 (first 5,000)
  • Sunday February 13 v. the Hershey Bears: Silly Bands (first 1,500 kids 14 and under)*
  • Saturday February 26 v. the Norfolk Admirals: Evgeni Malkin Bobblehead (first 5,000)
  • Saturday March 19 v. the Worcester Sharks: Tux Wobbler (first 5,000) also the St. Patrick’s Day Jersey Auction
  • Sunday March 20 v. the Charlotte Checkers: Jersey Card #4 (first 5,000)*
  • Saturday April 2 v. the Rochester Americans: Sidney Crosby Bobblehead (first 5,000)
  • Friday April 8 v. the Hershey Bears: Diecast Car (first 5,000) / Fan Appreciation Night*

* – Fan Dates. The biggest nights of the year (per the Pens). But, one could argue that there will be a lot of people in town for the Crosby / Malkin bobbleheads.

What about the Team Trading Card Sets? Glad you asked. They are ONLY available to Season Ticket Holders.

Still not sold? Still on the fence? Don’t be. This is the year. Trust me. I can feel it already and players haven’t even reported to Training Camp yet. 570-208-7367 (PENS) Call a ticket rep. Get a plan, any plan. Get in on the action. You will not be disappointed. Do it!!!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the team. I am not getting a dime from the Pens, the players, Pittsburgh, Sidney Crosby or Tux to post this. I do it cause I love it.

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  1. Candace Riley August 27, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Very, very interesting post. I am very tempted to pass along a link to it to the OKC Barons, as I’m growing somewhat – for lack of a better word, concerned – about how things are shaping up for our STHs. I found this to be very informative and I’m very impressed seeing the way the WBS Pens handle things, yet it’s also left me very frustrated with my own team.

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