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EDIT: This idea went over like a lead balloon. Had a lot of people window shop, but no one walked through the door. Disregard the entire post…

So I have been running this blog now for the better part of seven years. That’s a long time. I’d like to think that I have carved out a niche as the go to blog as far as the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins are concerned. There is a lot more work that goes into just coming up with goofy pun headlines for every story.

This is normally how a week would start and finish for me:

Sunday: Complete the AHL Power Rankings due Monday at 4.

Monday: AHL Power Rankings roll out at 4. Build next weeks power rankings board.

Tuesday: Used to be feature pieces on either a stat board or the Wheeling Wrap.

Wednesday: Gameday setup for the Wednesday WBS game, if applicable.

Wednesday night: Postgame recap for the Wednesday WBS game, if applicable.

Thursday: News and notes, if any. Normally there is no post this day.

Friday: Setting up the Gameday posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday if applicable.

Friday night: Postgame recap for the Friday WBS game, setting up the Saturday Gameday post.

Saturday: Postgame recap for the Saturday WBS game.

That’s essentially just the tip of the iceberg.

Gameday posts require putting together the who / when and where of the opponent, what each team did last game, what the last meeting between the two teams resulted in, the record for each team, coming up with a reason why people should care about the game, looking up who is assigned to work the game, the promotion running that night, the other game to watch and the next five games on the schedule.

Postgame recaps are the easiest. I just follow what I tweet during the game and build paragraphs around it.

Power Rankings can be a chore. You have to go into each teams capsule and update their final scores and record and then come up with blurbs for each team, rank them, then get the HTML right.

The stat boards got tiresome for me because it was breaking down game sheets and listing when each guy was on the ice for a goal scored for and against whether even strength, short handed or on power play.

Wheeling Wrap seemed like a chore at the end of the season when the Nailers were well out of it. All those entailed were brief recaps of each game (usually just going off of the score sheet) plus whatever tidbits the team tweeted out either during or after each game. You’d then have to look up who the Nailers were playing each week. Here’s an example of one from last year.

I eliminated the stat board last year and the Wheeling Wrap this year because it took too much of my time. When it’s Sunday night at 10:30 after a 3:05 start at home against Syracuse and you are still staring at your computer putting the finishing touches on a stat board, the Wheeling Wrap or the Power Rankings (because you have to wait for the Pacific Division scores to go final) when you have work the next morning, it becomes more of a chore more than anything.

So, I have been thinking about bringing on one or two people to help out around here. Here’s what I would look for…

– If you are into stats and are good with spreadsheets, I’d give you full autonomy on bringing back the charts I used to track players on ice for goals scored. Example here of the last time I did one.

– Gameday setups. Even if I found only one person to take the reigns of this, that would ease the burden of being constantly in the blog during the season when I am not at my regular job, or at a game.

– Wheeling Wrap. Again, if you are someone who either attends Nailers games or enjoyed these so much to where you’d like to contribute, I’d give you full authority once a week to come on here and write about the Nailers week that was.

– Power Rankings. Wanna help build them with me and add final scores? I’d even let you in on blurbs and ranking position.

Postgame recaps are mine. If by the off chance I’m not able to be at a game and you are and you want to pitch hit, I’d let you.

The only thing I would ask for is that you are 100% consistent in whatever task you are signing up for. That means that if you want to go ahead and volunteer for the Gameday setups, they are yours for 70+ games. Don’t make me come after you for getting your stuff in on time. The blog has been nothing but consistent in that the Gameday setups always go out four hours before puck drop, the Power Rankings are out every Monday at 4 p.m., and whatever feature piece that ran on Tuesday was out at noon that day.

Note that this isn’t me giving up on the blog or looking to turn it over to someone else. I figure that if there is a person or persons out there that wants to lend a helping hand with the way things are put out here on the blog, then we can make it work for the betterment of the blog and the people who read the blog. If not, then I’ll continue to churn the content out as the one man band.

On whether this is a paying job, since I am waiting for my first paycheck for doing this for seven years, you will get yours when I get mine.


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