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AHL Power Rankings: Week 1

After a long summer for some and a shorter one for others, the first weekend of the 2017-18 AHL season is in the books.

Some teams are 2-0, other teams are 0-2. There are a bunch of teams in the middle somewhere because no one played three games this weekend.

Usually in the first weeks of the season here at the Rankings you see teams riding the elevator up and down. I don’t expect anything different here as we get rolling on the season. One weekend does not a season make, but you would rather start off on the right foot rather than the losing one.

New look to the Rankings this year, hope you like it. Please leave input below.

The Texas Stars are on top of the Power Rankings after week one after two wins against a very strong Chicago Wolves team. For a Stars team that missed playoffs last season, you probably couldn’t draw it up any better in Cedar Park.

Jump through if you didn’t link in direct to see where your favorite team ended up.


Last Week: CHI 5 @ TEX 6, CHI 5 @ TEX 6 (OT)
Is there such a thing as statement wins after the first weekend of the season? If so, what you saw the Stars do to the Wolves this weekend count as one.

This Week: @ SD 10/13, @ SD 10/14
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: SYR 1 @ RCH 3, RCH 3 @ SYR 2 (OT)
Rochester put together a team that was scheduled to compete out of the box and they went ahead and swept the defending Eastern Conference champions in the weekend. Two points count the same in October as they do in March.

This Week: vs. UTI 10/13
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: CHA 5 @ HFD 4, CHA 5 @ WBS 2
Much too early to say anything definitive but Charlotte’s foray back to the Atlantic Division couldn’t have gone any better this weekend.

This Week: vs. BRI 10/13, vs. BRI 10/14
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: MIL 5 @ IA 2, MIL 5 @ IA 4
Went into Iowa against a new look Wild team and scored five goals each game and got all four points. Nice way to start the season for the Admirals.

This Week: @ RFD 10/15
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: BEL 0 @ LAV 3, BEL 2 @ LAV 6
Good way to start in Laval by beating their closest enemy and a team they will be seeing a bunch.

This Week: vs. BNG 10/13, vs. BNG 10/14
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: UTI 1 @ TOR 3, UTI 3 @ TOR 4
Picked up two wins against Utica, season is off to a fine start in Toronto. Three road games this week should make for a good test on where the Marlies are early on.

This Week: @ HFD 10/13, @ PRO 10/14, @ SPR 10/15
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: SPR 2 @ PRO 5
Expected result for this powerhouse team in the making at the Rhode Island capital.

This Week: vs. SPR 10/13, vs. TOR 10/14
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: ONT 1 @ SA 2
Good way to start the season for the Rampage. Now go to California to visit the Condors and Barracuda.

This Week: @ BAK 10/12, @ SJ 10/14
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: SJ 6 @ STK 4
San Jose picking up where they left off last season with a big win against in-state rival Stockton.

This Week: vs. GR 10/13, vs. SA 10/14
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: SD 7 @ TUC 6
Won a run and gun affair with the Roadrunners. Good test with the Stars coming in ahead this week.

This Week: vs. TEX 10/13, vs. TEX 10/14
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: RFD 4 @ CLE 0
Momentum out of the Cleveland shutout should have the IceHogs riding high this week.

This Week: vs. IA 10/14, vs. MIL 10/15
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: BRI 1 @ BNG 2
Nice win in front of a sold out crowd Saturday against a strong Bridgeport team ushers in a new era of hockey on the Southern Tier. A pair this week with Laval should make for a great early season test.

This Week: @ LAV 10/13, @ LAV 10/14
Record: 1-0-0-0


Last Week: CHA 5 @ HFD 4, LV 1 @ HFD 2 (SO)
Gave away a lead in the third against Charlotte on Friday, regrouped Saturday with a night off then battled the Phantoms to a shootout win Sunday. Nice way to start the season for the Wolf Pack.

This Week: vs. TOR 10/13, @ SPR 10/14
Record: 1-1-0-0


Last Week: HER 2 @ LV 7, LV 1 @ HFD 2 (SO)
Pounded Hershey Saturday then went to Hartford and scrapped with the Wolf Pack to a shootout loss. Home and home with the Penguins, most likely their biggest in-state rival, coming this weekend.

This Week: @ WBS 10/13, vs. WBS 10/14, @ HER 10/15
Record: 1-0-0-1


Last Week: MTB 2 @ GR 5, MTB 7 @ GR 2
Don’t know what to make of the weekend that was for the defending champs after Manitoba dropped seven goals on the Griffins Saturday. Still early days to figure it out.

This Week: @ SJ 10/13, @ STK 10/14
Record: 1-1-0-0


Last Week: MTB 2 @ GR 5, MTB 7 @ GR 2
Same as what we said about Grand Rapids, don’t know what to think out of the weekends games for the Moose. Any time you score seven against a defending champion it opens some eyes.

This Week: vs. CLE 10/13, vs. CLE 10/15
Record: 1-1-0-0


Last Week: BAK 1 @ STK 4, SJ 6 @ STK 4
Split the weekend, which is better than some teams this early in.

This Week: vs. GR 10/14
Record: 1-1-0-0


Last Week: SD 7 @ TUC 6
Scored a six-pack of goals and lost. Gave up three power play goals to the Gulls which is probably why, despite the goals for.

This Week: @ BAK 10/14
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: ONT 1 @ SA 2
Reign should have been better in San Antonio and they know it. Let’s see how they fare this week against Iowa and Chicago.

This Week: @ IA 10/13, @ CHI 10/14
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: BRI 1 @ BNG 2
Lost a pretty even one in Binghamton Saturday. Got behind early in the first and couldn’t recover. Play the Checkers, who are looking fine to start, this week.

This Week: @ CHA 10/13, @ CHA 10/14
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: CHI 5 @ TEX 6, CHI 5 @ TEX 6 (OT)
Got five goals in each game and that wasn’t enough to come away with a single win in Cedar Park this weekend. Not the end of the world by any stretch.

This Week: vs. ONT 10/14
Record: 0-1-1-0


Last Week: SYR 1 @ RCH 3, RCH 3 @ SYR 2 (OT)
Not the same team as last season, but getting beat by Rochester probably stings a bit for the Crunch. Three this week with some good teams.

This Week: vs. BEL 10/13, vs. UTI 10/14, @ WBS 10/15
Record: 0-1-1-0


Last Week: CHA 2 @ WBS 5
After giving up two shorthanded goals against Charlotte Saturday, special teams will be worked on heavily this week on Coal Street, one would assume.

This Week: vs. LV 10/13, @ LV 10/14, vs. SYR 10/15
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: BAK 1 @ STK 4
42 shots in Stockton wasn’t enough to render more than one goal for the Condors on opening weekend. Bakersfield opens their home campaign this week against San Antonio and Tucson.

This Week: vs. SA 10/12, vs. TUC 10/14
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: HER 2 @ LV 7
Bears struggled to keep up with the Phantoms and the game got away from them in the third period. Home cooking this week with Belleville and Lehigh Valley coming in.

This Week: vs. BEL 10/14, vs. LV 10/15
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: SPR 2 @ PRO 5
Still lots of work to do it seems in Springfield. Three cracks at getting into the win column inbound for the Thunderbirds.

This Week: @ PRO 10/13, vs. HFD 10/14, vs. TOR 10/15
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: RFD 4 @ CLE 0
IceHogs put 22 shots at the Cleveland net and scored four goals. Cleveland put 32 shots at Rockford and scored zero. That was a lopsided loss in a game that the Monsters were not ready to play.

This Week: @ MTB 10/13, @ MTB 10/15
Record: 0-1-0-0


Last Week: MIL 5 @ IA 2, MIL 5 @ IA 4
Teams on paper that look good before the season starts still have to execute on the ice when the season begins. It hasn’t happened yet for this Iowa team, starting off 2017-18 0-2 after a pair of losses to the Admirals.

This Week: vs. ONT 10/13, @ RFD 10/14
Record: 0-2-0-0


Last Week: UTI 1 @ TOR 3, UTI 3 @ TOR 4
Start off the 2017-18 campaign in an 0-2 hole. Schedule this week doesn’t get any easier with in-state rivals.

This Week: @ RCH 10/13, @ SYR 10/14
Record: 0-2-0-0


Last Week: BEL 0 @ LAV 3, BEL 2 @ LAV 6
Shutout Friday then couldn’t hold a lead Saturday in Laval. Belleville doesn’t open at home until November 1, so will the road woes continue or get fixed this weekend in Syracuse and Hershey?

This Week: @ SYR 10/13, @ HER 10/14
Record: 0-2-0-0

Leave a comment to let me know if you like or dislike the new look. The dashes below team logos will represent position changes next week and beyond.

Have a great week, everyone!

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