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ATO Season, Other Notes 3/27

Looking at all the news coming across the wire today, I had to fire up the blog and drop in with an update.

Wilkes-Barre made the Alex D’Orio and Jan Drozg ATO (amateur tryout agreement) signings official. Check out the link from the team on the nuts and bolts. Taylor Haase, who drops by from time to time with GIFs that you see from time to time in my game recaps, had some Grade A information today that I felt was too good to simply retweet on my Twitter timeline. First, on D’Orio…

On Drozg…

Here is the deal with these guys. Nothing is decided yet here in Wilkes-Barre (we’ve not clinched yet, the playoff seeding is not locked in) so all these next few weeks are going to be is essentially a taste of what life is like as a professional. There really may not be a better place in the minor leagues than Wilkes-Barre to learn how to be a professional. Am I expecting D’Orio or Drozg to get into an actual AHL hockey game this season? No. Call this what orientation was like when you were in college or on your first week of your job.

Pittsburgh sent someone else too.

Since Birks is older, it’s more likely that he sees action before Drozg and D’Orio this season with Wilkes-Barre.

Two other unofficial news of note. Taylor found something written in Finnish on Niclas Almari. But through the magic of internet translators, it showed that Almari is likely headed to Coal Street.

Also, there was a report that Lukas Bengtsson is going back to Sweden next season. He apparently wants to play closer to home. Bengtsson has struggled to stay healthy. If he does decide to defect, Pittsburgh should retain his North American rights.

Pens held an optional practice today at Coal Street. Tom was there.

I believe that covers everything. Back tomorrow for Wednesday’s head to head with the Providence Bruins.

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