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AHL Power Rankings: Week 28

We have reached the end of the Chirps from Center Ice AHL Power Rankings for the season. Another year in the books, thanks to all who read.

The top 16 teams in this weeks Rankings are ranked in some form or fashion from 1-16. I have always done it that way. Also, the division champs are ranked 1-4. Again, I have always done it that way.

No doubt about the number one team, seemingly a constant in the Rankings here all season. Charlotte is the odds on favorite to win it all this year. Will they? Check back Wednesday to see how I predict the Calder Cup Playoffs.


Last Week: CHA 2 @ CLE 1, CHA @ CLE
Anything less than a Calder Cup for the league’s best team all season should be seen as a disappointment.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Providence
Record: 51-17-7-1


Last Week: LAV 1 @ SYR 5, RCH 3 @ SYR 4, SYR 3 @ UTI 4 (SO)
Race for the North Division title won by the Crunch. Now, can they close out the deal and win a Calder Cup? High odds, but a mangrove of really good teams to get through. Hey, if it were easy, we’d all be champions.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Cleveland
Record: 47-21-4-4


Last Week: CHI 1 @ IA 2 (OT), MTB 2 @ CHI 4, MTB 6 @ CHI 2
Odds on favorite to win the Calder Cup not named Charlotte? Possibly. Wolves were class of the Central in a moshpit of other teams that tripped over themselves just to get in.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Grand Rapids
Record: 44-22-6-4


Last Week: ONT 3 @ BAK 6, BAK 3 @ STK 2
Should be a favorite to represent the West in the Calder Cup Finals, but spoiler, we don’t like their chances. More Wednesday on this.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Colorado
Record: 42-21-3-2


Last Week: BNG 4 @ RCH 3 (OT), RCH 3 @ SYR 4, RCH 4 @ BEL 2
We can’t wait for Friday as that series with Toronto may be one of the more exciting series of the first round of the playoffs.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Toronto
Record: 46-23-5-2


Last Week: HER 6 @ HFD 3, UTI 1 @ HER 4, HFD 1 @ HER 3
We like the match up with Bridgeport. The quest for 12 is on.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Bridgeport
Record: 43-25-4-4


Last Week: BRI 2 @ SPR 7, BRI 5 @ WBS 2
Can go deep in the playoffs. Should actually, but that remains to be seen.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Hershey
Record: 43-24-6-3


Last Week: SJ 3 @ COL 1, SJ 2 @ COL 3
Are probably going to be seen as an underdog in their series with San Diego. Shouldn’t be, but here we are.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. San Diego
Record: 39-22-3-4


Last Week: BEL 3 @ TOR 2 (OT), CLE 5 @ TOR 1
Defending champs are back but the road is a bit tougher this go around. Let’s see how they do against Rochester first.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Rochester
Record: 39-24-9-4


Last Week: LV 4 @ PRO 3, PRO 5 @ SPR 3, SPR 6 @ PRO 1
Daunting task of getting Charlotte in the first round. But the Bruins have been in this situation before.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Charlotte
Record: 38-27-8-3


Last Week: GR 0 @ MIL 5, MIL 3 @ RFD 2
No team hotter than the Admirals right now, 11-0-3 run. Hitting playoffs and just the right time.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Iowa
Record: 36-24-14-2


Last Week: SD 3 @ TUC 4 (OT), SD 4 @ TUC 3
Held off a furious charge by Tucson at the end. May be favored a bit in their series with San Jose. Will be playing with a chip on their shoulder after missing last year by one point.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. San Jose
Record: 36-24-5-3


Last Week: SJ 3 @ COL 1, SJ 2 @ COL 3
Eagles make AHL playoffs in their first year as an AHL franchise and can possibly hold a dubious distinction of winning the ECHL championship and AHL championships in a two year span, which would really be something.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Bakersfield
Record: 36-27-4-1


Last Week: CHI 1 @ IA 2 (OT), RFD 0 @ IA 3
Closed out season on three game winning streak, just what the doctor ordered. Face Milwaukee in round one in what could be a very good matchup for the Wild.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Milwaukee
Record: 37-26-8-5


Last Week: CHA 2 @ CLE 1, CHA @ CLE, CLE 5 @ TOR 1
Good job making the playoffs, Cleveland. Here is your first opponent, the class of the North, Syracuse Crunch. Good luck, cause you will need it, especially if Tampa Bay bows out this week.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Syracuse
Record: 37-29-8-2


Last Week: MTB 4 @ GR 1, GR 0 @ MIL 5
Hit playoffs on an 0-8-1-0 streak. If a team doesn’t belong in the long list of challengers in the Central Division, it’s Grand Rapids.


Playoffs?: Yes, vs. Chicago
Record: 38-27-7-4


Last Week: MTB 4 @ GR 1, MTB 2 @ CHI 4, MTB 6 @ CHI 2
39 wins and no playoffs to show for it. No matter what your buddy tells you, the Central was far and away the toughest division to play in this season.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 39-30-5-2


Last Week: LV 4 @ PRO 3, HFD 2 @ LV 3 (SO)
39 wins wasn’t enough for a playoff spot for the mercurial Phantoms, who will be looking to build off of a 39 win and no playoff campaign in 2019-20.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 39-30-4-3


Last Week: BEL 3 @ TOR 2 (OT), RCH 4 @ BEL 2
Lose out on the last day to Cleveland. Still, a successful season in Belleville, given the circumstances. Should be an early favorite to contend in 2018-19.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 37-31-3-5


Last Week: TEX 4 @ SA 3, SA 3 @ TEX 1
Defending Western Conference Champion fails to make a playoff appearance the following season. That’s how competitive the Central Division was leading up to the final weeks of the season.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 37-31-4-4


Last Week: SD 3 @ TUC 4 (OT), SD 4 @ TUC 3
Roadrunners are a case to be made that every point matters in a division where the teams play 68 games.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 34-26-5-3


Last Week: WBS 1 @ UTI 8, UTI 1 @ HER 4, SYR 3 @ UTI 4 (SO)
Ravaged by injuries, managed to close out the season on a winning note over their biggest rivals. Utica will be back next season.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 34-34-6-2


Last Week: WBS 1 @ UTI 8, BRI 5 @ WBS 2, BNG 2 @ WBS 5
We wouldn’t have liked the Penguins chances against Charlotte had they made a record seventeenth straight appearance anyway. So maybe it’s good that the weight of making playoffs for as long as they did is off.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 36-30-7-3


Last Week: RFD 0 @ IA 3, MIL 3 @ RFD 2
Ran out of gas at the end, already a quarter mile away from finishing. The Central was tough this year, man.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 35-31-4-6


Last Week: STK 4 @ ONT 2, BAK 3 @ STK 2
Were a .500 team and worst at home. That’s not going to get you into the playoffs.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 31-31-4-2


Last Week: BRI 2 @ SPR 7, PRO 5 @ SPR 3, SPR 6 @ PRO 1
Is there a fan base more deprived than Springfield’s? Almost have to feel sorry for all of these playoff misses the city has to endure year after year.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 33-29-9-5


Last Week: LAV 1 @ SYR 5, LAV 4 @ BNG 3 (OT)
Never really contended enough to be considered a threat and if Binghamton weren’t ravaged by injuries and call ups, would have finished last again. Promising lineup at the start of the season never materialized.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 30-34-6-6


Last Week: TEX 4 @ SA 3, SA 3 @ TEX 1
Played, in part, one of the reasons why the Stars didn’t make the playoffs this season. Lots to sort through with this team for next year. Pieces seemingly are there.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 31-38-6-1


Last Week: HER 6 @ HFD 3, HFD 2 @ LV 3 (SO), HFD 1 @ HER 3
Expect better things from the Wolf Pack next season.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 29-36-7-4


Last Week: BNG 4 @ RCH 3 (OT), LAV 4 @ BNG 3 (OT), BNG 2 @ WBS 5
The only team in the AHL to not suffer a shootout loss. That’s pretty much all I have.


Playoffs: No.
Record: 28-41-7-0


Last Week: STK 4 @ ONT 2, ONT 3 @ BAK 6
Disappointing season to say the least in Ontario, who never really were in it. Things can only get better from here.


Playoffs?: No.
Record: 25-33-6-4

Have a great summer, everyone! I will be back here Wednesday with a Calder Cup Playoff Preview and will also have a prediction on the team I think that wins it all Wednesday at noon.

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