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All-Star Classic Wrapup

The Western Conference defeated the Eastern Conference by a score of 7-6 in one of the more controversial games of current memory.

There was a blatant penalty. Then a ticky-tack one.

Wait. Sounds like a normal game to me.

Chad Kolarik had two goals, one in the first period and one in the second. Curtis McElhinney was playing a solid game in the second period until he was interfered with blatantly and the West scored on an open net. Referee Ryan Fraser allowed the goal to stand.

Then in the third period, Fraser calls a penalty on Peoria’s Mark Cundari for a trip. With how he let the McElhinney non-call go and let numerous other stick fouls go, a bit ticky-tack, no?

Hold on. This was all for fun tonight. I may as well crumble up my game sheet provided to me by the Providence Bruins staff and chuck it as far as I can, maybe I can hit the ice from here. No wait, that wouldn’t be good.

Kolarik played on a line with Manchester’s Tyler Toffoli and Hershey’s Jeff Taffe. I got a few quotes from Kolarik after the game that you will have to buy a newspaper tomorrow to read. Preferably a Times-Leader.

Kolarik’s line for the night was 2-0-2, even, with three shots. Providence’s playing captain Trent Whitfield took the most shots for the East, with five.

Toronto’s Ryan Hamilton stole the show and had a had trick for his Western Conference squad, scoring the last three goals for his club, the last coming with 11.2 seconds left in the third period. He was named MVP.

There’s not really a whole lot to recap here other than what I just gave you. I let my literary juices flow for the story for the paper, so we’ll have to see what makes it past the editing floor tomorrow morning.

Home tomorrow. Back to reality Wednesday. What a time. I’ll try and scrape together things worthy to read on the blog between now and Friday.

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