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AHL Power Rankings: Week 5

One change to the top five but no change at the top for the fifth week in a row here at the Chirps from Center Ice AHL Power Rankings.

No surprise the Charlotte Checkers, the first team to ten wins, remains the top team in the Rankings.

Springfield and Rochester swap spots. The Thunderbirds were the last AHL team to suffer a regulation loss (to Bridgeport Saturday)

San Jose moves up one. The Barracuda are a solid team that not a lot of people talk about.

Iowa moves into the top five this week. Jump past them if you want to see where the rest of the teams ended up this week.


Last Week: PRO 3 @ CHA 4, PRO 2 @ CHA 3
First team to ten wins, Checkers are just buzzing teams down. Busy road schedule this week.


This Week: @ BNG 11/9, @ LV 11/10, @ BRI 11/11, @ LV 11/14
Record: 10-1-0-0


Last Week: HER 4 @ RCH 2, RCH 4 @ HER 1, CLE 2 @ RCH 5
Amerks are still good and lead the North. Cleveland and Binghamton look to be the only challengers right now. Stop laughing.


This Week: vs. SYR 11/9
Record: 9-3-1-0


Last Week: BRI 2 @ SPR 3, SPR 2 @ BRI 5
Last team in the AHL to suffer a regulation loss with Saturday’s setback to Bridgeport. Divisional play continues this week with the Pennsylvania teams.


This Week: @ LV 11/9, @ HER 11/10, vs. WBS 11/14
Record: 7-1-0-2


Last Week: SA 1 @ SJ 3, STK 2 @ SJ 5
San Jose is a really good team that not a lot of people know about because they play so far out West. Two huge early road games this weekend in Tucson.


This Week: @ TUC 11/9, @ TUC 11/10
Record: 9-1-0-1


Last Week: IA 3 @ GR 2 (SO), IA 2 @ RFD 1 (SO), RFD 4 @ IA 2, IA 3 @ RFD 0
That slow start that the Wild had seems like a year ago, doesn’t it? Wild are up to third in a suddenly tight Central.


This Week: vs. BAK 11/8, vs. BAK 11/10, vs. MIL 11/14
Record: 8-3-0-0

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AHL Power Rankings: Week 4

Minimal shakeup in this week’s edition of the Chirps from Center Ice AHL Power Rankings. The top five stay the top five, with only San Jose dropping one and Milwaukee moving up.

Charlotte, Springfield and Rochester remain your top three this week after another week of wins. Milwaukee moves up one after holding the biggest lead as a division leader. San Jose rounds out the top five as a defensively stout hockey team.

Jump past the Barracuda to see where the rest of the teams filled out this week if you didn’t link in direct.


Last Week: CHA 4 @ BNG 3 (OT), CHA 6 @ SYR 3
If we moved Charlotte from the top spot last week, which we didn’t, we would have put them back at number one again this week. The Checkers are smoking opponents and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.


This Week: vs. PRO 11/2, vs. PRO 11/3
Record: 8-1-0-0


Last Week: PRO 2 @ SPR 4, HFD 2 @ SPR 6
Thunderbirds have yet to lose in regulation, the last AHL team to do so. Scored four power play goals Sunday at home against Hartford. Home and home with Bridgeport coming up.


This Week: vs. BRI 11/2, @ BRI 11/3
Record: 6-0-0-2


Last Week: UTI 0 @ RCH 4, LAV 2 @ RCH 3
Run the streak to 7-0-1 in their last eight. Americans are jumping ahead of a tough North Division early.


This Week: vs. HER 11/2, @ HER 11/3, vs. CLE 11/7
Record: 7-2-1-0


Last Week: CLE 2 @ MIL 3 (OT), MTB 1 @ MIL 4, MTB 2 @ MIL 1 (OT)
Admirals keep collecting points and lead the Central by five points, most of any other division in the AHL.


This Week: vs. RFD 11/2, @ GR 11/3, vs. CHI 11/7
Record: 8-1-2-0


Last Week: SJ 2 @ SA 1, SJ 6 @ TEX 1
Positive Texas road trip where the Barracuda held the opponent to just one goal on each night.


This Week: vs. SA 11/2, vs. STK 11/5
Record: 7-1-0-1

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AHL Power Rankings: Week 3

You would like to think that your team three weeks into the season either remains hot or starts to turn a corner for the good. There are teams that have started bad and remain bad or teams that are turning the corner for the bad. Sense a theme? You want to make moves? Turn the corner. Some teams are this week, for the good and the bad.

Charlotte remains the top team for the third week in a row after some shuffling in the top five. No real reason, yet, to move the Checkers from the pinnacle.

Springfield bumps to second. There are no undefeated teams left in the AHL, but Springfield is one team who has yet to suffer a regulation loss.

Rochester started 0-2 but have not lost in regulation since. The Americans are third in this weeks Rankings.

San Jose drops to fourth after splitting a series with Stockton.

Your Central Division leading Milwaukee Admirals round out the top five.

Pop past Milwaukee if you didn’t link in direct to see where your favorite team ended up this week….


Last Week: HER 3 @ CHA 4 (SO), HER 2 @ CHA 0, CHA 3 @ UTI 1
Even the best teams have bad days, like the Checkers had against the Bears Saturday, but that is not enough to knock Charlotte out of the top spot, yet.


This Week: @ BNG 10/26, @ SYR 10/27
Record: 6-1-0-0


Last Week: SPR 5 @ LAV 3, SPR 4 @ LAV 2
Thunderbirds go into Laval and sweep the Rocket. Points in all six contests so far for the Thunderbirds, who host Providence and Hartford this week.


This Week: vs. PRO 10/27, vs. HFD 10/28
Record: 4-0-0-2


Last Week: TOR 4 @ RCH 5 (SO), RCH 4 @ BEL 5 (OT)
Underestimate this Rochester team at your peril. This Amerks team is built to compete and compete they have. After an 0-2 start to start the year, points in their last six.


This Week: vs. UTI 10/26, vs. LAV 10/27
Record: 5-2-1-0


Last Week: SJ 5 @ STK 2, STK 3 @ SJ 2
Split a series with the Heat. Off to Texas this week. Still lead the Pacific.


This Week: @ SA 10/26, @ TEX 10/27
Record: 5-1-0-1


Last Week: MIL 2 @ SD 4, MIL 5 @ CHI 4 (SO), SA 0 @ MIL 3
Milwaukee jumps into the top five after a positive week. Admirals lead the Central. Good trio of games coming up this week.


This Week: vs. CLE 10/26, vs. MTB 10/27, vs. MTB 10/30
Record: 6-1-1-0

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Will O’Neill Suspended One Game

Tuesday afternoon, the American Hockey League suspended Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins defenseman Will O’Neill for his actions Saturday night against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

From the release…

O’Neill was assessed an instigator penalty within the final five minutes of the third period, resulting in an automatic one-game suspension under the provisions of AHL Rule 46.22. He will miss Wilkes-Barre/Scranton’s game Friday (Oct. 26) vs. Hershey.

From the Rulebook…

Fines and Suspensions – Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) – A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime (see 46.12), shall automatically be suspended for one game. The length of suspension will double for each subsequent offense. This suspension shall be served in addition to any other automatic suspensions a player may incur for an accumulation of three or more instigator penalties.

When the one-game suspension is imposed, the player’s Coach and Club shall each be fined five hundred dollars ($500) – a fine that will double for each subsequent incident.

This is 46.12…

Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) – A player who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime shall be assessed an instigator minor penalty, a major penalty for fighting, and a game misconduct penalty, subject to the conditions outlined in 46.22.

Here is the video of what got O’Neill the instigator penalty and thus suspended…

As mentioned above, O’Neill will miss this Friday’s home game against the Hershey Bears.

O’Neill tried to make his case to Tom after the game last Saturday…

…but the League wasn’t having it.

Other news from Tuesday….

John Muse has been assigned to Wheeling. I thought they would at least try to make a competition out of the trio that was here (Tristan Jarry, Muse and Anthony Peters) but Jarry is the NHL pedigree that will see the lion share of starts, Peters is the AHL only guy who can’t go to Wheeling because Cincinnati owns his ECHL rights. Wheeling and Cincinnati are in the same division so it’s like Zach Aston-Reese playing for the Hershey Bears…Muse was the odd guy out. It’s a business.

Updates from practice…

If I come up with anything Wednesday, look for it here, otherwise Week 3 AHL Power Rankings will hit the blog Thursday.

AHL Power Rankings: Week 2

No changes with the top team from Week 1, the Charlotte Checkers, in Week 2. It’s the Checkers world and we are all skating in it.

Some shake up in the top five and beyond. The theme this week is going to be .500. There are a lot of teams that are .500 and some of them are a surprise in a good way and a surprise in a bad way at the, “just average” mark two weeks into the season.

San Jose jumps to second behind the Checkers. The Barracuda have a lead on the rest of the Pacific.

The Iowa Wild played just one game last week, won it, and remain third.

Springfield jumps up into the top five this week after blasting Lehigh Valley 7-0 last Friday. Their offense is potent and they head to a scrappy Laval Rocket team who’ve impressed early on.

The Chicago Wolves round out the top five after a 4-0 start to lead the Central.

Pop past the Wolves if you didn’t link in direct to see where the rest of the AHL fills out in Week 2.


Last Week: CHA 4 @ UTI 3, CHA 4 @ SYR 1
Remain the number one team this week after a 4-0 start. There doesn’t appear to be anything that can faze this team at the moment.


This Week: vs. HER 10/19, vs. HER 10/20, @ UTI 10/24
Record: 4-0-0-0


Last Week: SJ 6 @ STK 4, TUC 3 @ SJ 2 (SO)
Remain at the top of the Pacific through the second week of the season and have some slight separation on second place Tucson.


This Week: @ STK 10/20, vs. STK 10/21
Record: 4-0-0-1


Last Week: TEX 3 @ IA 4 (SO)
Light past week for the Wild, who are off to a 3-0 start. Two more with the Stars this coming week.


This Week: @ TEX 10/19, @ TEX 10/20
Record: 3-0-0-0


Last Week: SPR 7 @ LV 0, LV 5 @ SPR 4 (SO), PRO 3 @ SPR 6
Springfield is a preseason team we picked as a contender that is living up to expectations very early on. This is a fun team to watch that can score in bunches.


This Week: @ LAV 10/19, @ LAV 10/20
Record: 2-0-0-2


Last Week: GR 1 @ CHI 5, MIL 4 @ CHI 5 (OT)
Wolves are 4-0, at the top of the Central and finding ways to win early.


This Week: @ GR 10/20, vs. MIL 10/21, vs. CLE 10/24
Record: 4-0-0-0

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AHL Power Rankings: Week 1

Back for another season on a different day are the Chirps from Center Ice AHL Power Rankings.

In the short term, we are going to run these on Thursday’s. They debuted at 10 am today because of the later Penguins game in Cleveland tonight, but that time may change to noon or sometime in the afternoon. I may stick with 10 am or go with noon. I may not even like Thursday’s, but it seems to work because it is one of the lightest days on the AHL schedule.

Anyway, I hope you like the new change.

So to this weeks Rankings, don’t look at the top. We have the Charlotte Checkers as the number one team over the only 3-0 team in the AHL in Cleveland. These early Rankings are just setups for 10 weeks from now and onward. Is Lehigh Valley really a mid-table team? No. I will tell you that right now. Are we overestimating Springfield? Probably, but that’s not for me to say for certain as these teams get into their schedules.

Iowa debuts at third. They dismantled a Moose team that did the same to Central Division foes last season.

A surprising Binghamton team is fourth followed by San Jose in fifth who lead their, “they don’t play as many games as we do” division.

After the Barracuda, jump through to see the rest if you didn’t link in direct. Enjoy!


Last Week: CHA 6 @ RCH 2, CHA 4 @ RCH 2
Impressive start for the Checkers, who rolled into Rochester and took away all four points. Trip through New York continues this week with Utica and Syracuse.

This Week: @ UTI 10/12, @ SYR 10/13
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: RFD 1 @ CLE 4, RFD 2 @ CLE 5, CLE 5 @ TOR 3
Cleveland off to surprising 3-0 start. Big test coming this weekend when Wilkes-Barre stops by for the first time in a long while.

This Week: vs. WBS 10/11, vs. WBS 10/13
Record: 3-0-0-0


Last Week: MTB 1 @ IA 4, MTB 1 @ IA 8
Tim Army’s group is 2-0 after week one and smoked the Moose quite handedly in both contests last weekend. Light schedule this week when Texas comes in Friday.

This Week: vs. TEX 10/12
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: TOR 5 @ BNG 7, HFD 3 @ BNG 5
Something is brewing in Binghamton, who are off to a 2-0 start. Three on the road this week.

This Week: @ LAV 10/12, @ LAV 10/13, @ BEL 10/17
Record: 2-0-0-0


Last Week: ONT 1 @ SJ 4, SJ 5 @ BAK 1, BAK 3 @ SJ 2 (SO)
Good start for Roy Sommer’s crew. Barracuda sit atop the Pacific after the first week.

This Week: @ STK 10/13, vs. TUC 10/15
Record: 2-0-0-1

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Tuesday Notes 10/9

What you see below was a Facebook status update. I didn’t think I had enough to string together for a blog post, but after I finished I looked at it and figured it was so here goes…

Pens made cuts – sent Dane Birks, Kevin Spinoza and Cam Brown to Wheeling on Sunday.

– Pens had a goalie controversy until they didn’t. Matt Murray is out with a concussion (again, his third) and Tristan Jarry is on his way back up.

– I upgraded to a five year plan with the Penguins. The early access, my own line and parking spot put me over the top.

– As some of you may know, the Power Rankings will be out Thursday. I’m not married to Thursday’s yet, but I’m not staying up late on Sunday to run them on Monday anymore. May run them Tuesday, but Thursday it is for now.

– Pens are going to be on NHL Network later in the season. Way later, March 13 and April 7 in Lehigh Valley against the Phantoms.

That’s all. Pens are the only game in town when they play a rare Thursday game in Cleveland. More then.