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2015-16 AHL Schedule Released

Like kids at Christmas, fans, bloggers and media look forward to this date every summer. The 2015-16 AHL playing schedule was released Thursday afternoon. We all can’t wait to see who is playing who, when and where. So instead of being the parent that only lets you open one gift at a time, let’s rip into the schedule and break it all down.

Question 1: Who do the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins play first this season?

Answer: The Providence Bruins, on the road, opening night in the AHL on October 9.

Question 2: The home opener is Saturday, October 17. Who do we play?

Answer: Same team as last year, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

Question 3: Any Western Conference flavor on the menu this year?

Answer: Keep in mind that Rochester, Toronto and Utica played in the Western Conference last season. They are all in the Eastern Conference this season. You’ll need to pretend that they are from the Western Conference because there are NO Western Conference teams on the schedule for the Penguins this season.

Question 4: What does the divisional breakdown look like against Bridgeport, Hartford, Hershey, Lehigh Valley, Portland, Providence and Springfield?

Answer: Twelve games against Hershey and Lehigh Valley, six against Bridgeport, Hartford, Portland, Providence and Springfield. Evenly split, home and away.

Question 5: What is the longest road trip? What about home stand?

Answer: Longest road trip of the season for the Penguins is January 12 through January 24 when the Penguins face off against St. John’s twice on January 12 and 13, Syracuse on the 16th, two against Portland on the 22nd and 23rd and one against Providence on the 24th.

The longest homestand for the Penguins is early on in the season, from October 24 through November 14 for a total of seven games.

Question 6: How many three games in three nights?

Answer: Eight, down from last seasons total of 9.

Question 7: My friend told me that you had charts of daily and monthly breakdowns. Let’s see them.

Answer: Here you go.

Home Road Total
Monday 0 0 0
Tuesday 3 2 5
Wednesday 6 3 9
Thursday 1 0 1
Friday 7 14 21
Saturday 16 9 25
Sunday 5 10 15

And the Monthly…

Home Road Total
October 4 4 8
November 6 4 10
December 7 5 12
January 5 9 14
February 4 8 12
March 7 5 12
April 5 3 8

Question 8: Any kids games?

Answer: Kids games are by definition games that start in the morning. The Penguins will not be partaking in any of those games this season.

Question 9: Where is the All-Star Classic at again this year?

Answer: Syracuse, New York. Skills Competition is January 31 and the All-Star Classic February 1.

Question 10: Are the Penguins playing in any special venues this season?

Answer: No. And by looking at the schedule from a league wide basis, it really isn’t happening a lot this year.

Question 11: What is the Penguins theme this season?

Answer: “Reinvented” which you can check out here. I like it, it matches well with the changes the team went through coaching wise. I’m looking forward to what they have cooked up this season.

Question 12: Anything else I need to know?

Answer: We play every team in the Conference at least twice. Rochester, Toronto and Utica, who weren’t on the schedule last year we play twice each. All 30 teams will be in action three times this season, on January 23, February 6 and April 9.

Penguins will announce a promo schedule soon, and I’ll have a blog about that when the schedule is released. Other than that, my yearly AHL Previews can begin to now form since I now know who the Penguins will be playing this season. You can look for those around the end of September or the beginning of August. I am planning on bringing back the AHL Power Rankings this season as well as the charting I did last season as well.

So take the month of September to gear yourself for another six months (or more, hopefully) of fun.

Let’s Go Pens!

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  1. Cyguy August 27, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    Wow, it still hasn’t sunk in that Bingo is too far west to be in our division any longer.

  2. Pensbooster August 27, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Are you going to release an iOS version?