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2018-19 AHL Alignment Announced

This announcement from the League happens every year around this time and with how scarce news is while playoffs are still ongoing I figured I would drop in and note the news.

For the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins and the rest of the Atlantic Division, the news yesterday didn’t really do much to affect the order of business. There were no changes. Divisional opponents remain Bridgeport, Charlotte, Hershey, Hartford, Lehigh Valley, Providence and Springfield. The Penguins will play the Bears and Phantoms 12 times, that you can bank on and a bunch more with the other teams in the division.

The rest of the alignment was standard and no real surprises. Expect the Penguins to play the Cleveland Monsters a few times next season as the Monsters join the North Division and come over from the Western Conference.

In the Western Conference, Texas and San Antonio leave the Pacific to join the Central Division and the new, 31st AHL team in Loveland, Colorado will play in the Pacific Division with the other part time teams that play 68 games.

Full release here. No mention of playoffs, but I would assume that now that you have every team in order with teams in a division where everyone plays the same amount of games, we can scrap the idea of ranking teams by percentage points and go back to straight up points.

One response to “2018-19 AHL Alignment Announced

  1. Joe Mama May 8, 2018 at 8:42 am

    That would be a great thing to do, but Mr. Andrews wanted to kiss the butts of those Western teams, so it probably won’t happen. I tell everybody, if i were him years ago, I would have told those teams and organizations that this is MY league, and if you don’t want to play by the rules in MY league like every other team does, BEAT IT! But noooo… That percentage crap rates right up there like when he took in all those from the IHL, which is the reason fans in each AHL city don’t get to see every team any more. Again, if i were him, I would have told them NO – you took all the good players from the AHL, and then the IHL crapped out. You made your bed, go lie in it. Never liked that guy since the day in Hamilton when he called me junior, when I’m older than him.

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