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Bush League — Pens LOSE 2-0


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In a season which really is meaningless, the rule book is also affected.

There was a sequence where the Penguins thought that they scored on a power play. They celebrated Jordy Bellerive’s would be goal, but referees Terry Koharski and Jordan Deckard never awarded the goal.

No penalties were given at the end of the sequence.

No announcement made as to WHY the goal wasn’t allowed.

The rule book DOES have video review.

Just not year.

COVID, and all.

So they half ass a rule book in a half ass attempt at a joke of a season with three teams not even playing, and the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Penguins are shafted out of a goal and what likely would have been at least a point.

Eh, that’s meaningless too, there’s no playoff this year either.

Pens lose 2-0.Pens lose 2-0.

Here is how they lined up:

Lineup Changes: Zach Trotman was injured last night so Billy Sweezy went back in. Jan Drozg and Kyle Olson swapped things up front.

Also, the lineup above was not correct, Will Reilly was in for P-O Jospeh who was a healthy scratch.

First Period: Almost seemed at times that the Penguins sleptwalked through the first period, going over six minutes without a shot and Aliaksei Protos scored his first goal of his AHL career to give the Bears a 1-0 lead in the only scoring of the period.

Teams traded power plays but had no success.

Second Period: There was no scoring in the period and it seemed like a lazy, Sunday afternoon second period. Then this happened:

Second fight of the season for WBS and first of Kyle Olson’s pro career.

Kessey acting like he KO’d Dennis Bonnie or something.

Look, I get that the types of players like Kale Kessy are the last of a dying breed, but don’t go acting like you are Hercules pummeling a guy in his first pro fight (Olson had some scraps in the WHL) when you know that there isn’t anyone else in white that has the wherewithal to go with you properly.

Pens got a power play out of the whole thing but got sloppy and loose and found themselves on a two man disadvantage they navigated through perfectly.

Third Period: Gave it to ya in the lede. Pens had another power play after the one where they thought Bellerive scored. Then a miscommunication in between Lagace and the bench led to a too many men on the ice call. With Lagace legally pulled for a home run shot at a goal at 5-on-5, Brian Pinho scored an empty net goal.

Three Stars: 3) Max Lagace (20 saves) 2) Pheonix Copley (21 save shutout) 1) Aliakei Protas (goal)

The Good: Absent the on and off ice shenanigans and the meaningless empty netter, they held their opponent to one goal.

The Bad: 0-4 on the power play.

Turning Point: Could have been the Olson / Kessy fight, but the Bellerive no goal completely changed things. It should have been a goal. It could have been reviewed, under normal circumstances.

I’d add a later edit on the explanations given ex post facto, but if the AHL is going to half ass a season through, so am I.

Pens are back in action Friday with Lehigh Valley.

Let’s Go Pens!

Stay safe.

One response to “Bush League — Pens LOSE 2-0

  1. Richard Dopkin April 11, 2021 at 5:51 pm

    Bear announcer Zach Fishe said it definitely was a goal per in-house tv. However, Koharski said he sidnt see it go in. Also, didn’t realize that there are no goal judges this year. F

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