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No Playoffs This Year

News out of Springfield on Thursday afternoon revealed one of the worst kept secrets League wide…

Only the Pacific will have a mini tournament to determine a champion there. Funny how we knock them for playing less games (68 to the traditional 76) than the other AHL teams, some may end up playing more this season than others outside that division.

October 15 is the targeted start date for the 2021-22 season with a full 76 game schedule planned.

Wilkes-Barre has seven games (four road, three home) left.

Everything is made up and the points don’t matter this year. I guess you could say that it it’s good that the NHL cared enough about the AHL enough to force a farce of a season for 27 of its 31 affiliates. Prospects needed a place to play, taxi squads muddled the waters a bit but it was the same for everyone. COVID delays, postponements and cancellations were expected, and all clubs are still playing either in front of no, or a limited group of fans.

Here’s hoping none of that happens come October 15. No delays, no postponements, a full schedule against a more traditional matrix of opponents and fans can attend in full or as close to full capacity in every arena across the League. Let’s worry about masks and vaccine requirements down the line. Herd immunity is the ultimate goal, not just in the AHL but as a country.

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